Solutions for Care

Leadership and Staff

Board of Directors

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Executive Board Members

Andrew Barone - A Board President at solutions for care

         Andrew Barone

          Board President


Javier Garibay -A Board Vice President at Solutions for Care

           Javier Garibay

       Board Vice President



Miguel Alba - A Board Treasurer at Solutions for Care

            Miguel Alba

   Board Treasurer (Interim)

Brandy Boler-Dani - A Board Secretary at Solutions For Care

       Brandy Boler-Daniels 

              Board Secretary 

Board of Directors

Erin Emery-Tiburcio, PH.D.


Olivia Baez, MSW


Yadira Montoya, MSPH


Melissa Howe, PH.D.


Jorge Velazquez


Tracy F. Patton, MSCD


Amy Mpindi, RN


Executive Directors

Richard Juarez Sr - A Executive Director at Solutions For Care


                        Richard Juarez Sr. 

                          Executive Director


Christine Komperda - An Assistant Executive Director at Solutions For Care


                      Christine Komperda

                     Assistant Executive Director


Program Supervisors

Chistine Komperda

Adult Protective Services Interim Supervisor

(708) 447-2448

Miriam Rico

Caregiver Resouce Center, Supervisor

(708) 447-2448 Ext. 129

Elizabeth Hruza

Care Coordination Program, Supervisor

(708) 447-2448 Ext. 113

Tina Saenz

Aging & Disability Resource Network, Supervisor

(708) 447-2448 Ext. 127