Community Reinvestment Program (CRP)

Community Reinvestment Program
CRP is the proposed alternative to the existing Community Care Program (CCP). CRP would move all non-Medicaid seniors currently on CCP to this new program once it has passed.
Solutions For Care, along with ICCCU, AARP, Age Options, SEIU, Legal Assistance Foundation, Prairie State Legal Services, and numerous others oppose the passage of CRP as a result of Illinois Department on Aging's (IDOA) inability to provide an impact statement and for fear that this program would drastically reduce services for our seniors resulting in higher rates of nursing home admissions. CRP as it currently stands does not align with the mission of Solutions For Care.
Click below to read our official statement which was submitted to IDOA through oral testimony at the Chicago hearings on 5/18/2017.
Solutions For Care's Oral Testimony on CRP (Delivered 5/18/2017)

Recent News on CRP 
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"Cuts to senior programs are often the most egregious, and this dangerous proposal is no different. The elderly worked hard all their lives and now live on a fixed income, yet skyrocketing health care and living costs are eating up what little savings they have left. Asking them to shoulder the budget cuts by reducing their access to health care programs is maddening."                      - State Representative Carol Sente
CRP hearing held in Chicago on May 18, 2017. SEIU, AARP, Chicago Department on Aging, Seniors, Age Options, Solutions For Care and numerous others filled this standing room only auditorium to oppose CRP.