In March 2017, Solutions For Care filed their 501(h) providing them with a specific outline for the level of advocacy, the organization could take part in. This initiative was launched as a direct result of growing concerns over lack of state and federal payments to the agency and the proposal of future cuts to services at the state and federal levels.
As an organization, it is our mission to preserve independence and dignity for older adults and those living with disabilities. This mission guides the issues that we advocate for.

Topics of Concern


Illinois State Budget

Community Reinvestment Program
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Upcoming Advocacy Events 

May 30, 2017 - Springfield - Walk the final mile with us! Click the image below for more information









Illinois State General Assembly
SB 1353 - Increase Personal Needs Allowance to $60/month Learn More
SB 955 - Increases wages for Personal Assistants for those with disabilities Learn More

Federal Level 

SNAP Funding Cuts Proposed - Chicago Tribune 5/21/2017